Who We Are

LxU以乘是一家内容营销与设计创新公司,创立于2011年。以营销创意中心、品牌设计中心、艺术创作中心、业务策略中心 搭建起能力架构,力求全方位为客户提供多元的创意服务。


LxU is an innovative company of content marketing and design, founded in 2011. We have built up a competence structure with the Creative Center, Brand Design Center, Artistic Creation Center and Account and Strategy Center. We strive to provide diversified creative services for our clients in all aspects. The founding team always believes that culture can truly empower brand value, and that focusing on greater public interests will let the brand go further.

Therefore, we always insist on creating more values for brands that trust us; building better experience for consumers; and dedicating ourselves to deliver valuable information more efficiently.

What We Do